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AFK, fire

My dog was barking like a fool outside, I looked out the window to see what the issue was... a bear had shown up and was attacking my wife's bird feeders.
Dog ended up placing herself between the bear and the wife and making it known that he would not be crossing that line. Until I got outside, at which point the dog ran into the house with the wife

(Party): [Party] Defied: AFK guys, tornado.
(Party): [Party] Defied has disconnected.

Me to Party Rogue: How did you die.
Party Rogue to me: Come round the corner here.
(Combat) You take 69 points of acid damage from Trap: Acid
(Combat) You take 89 Points of acid damage from Trap: Acid
(Combat) You take 77 points of acid damage from Trap: Acid
(Combat) You were killed by Trap: Acid
Party Rogue to me: Yeah that's how I died.

I PK'd a earth elemental and ....
Party member: So..PK summons the worst nightmare of a creature and it scares them to death
ME: Yep...
Party Member: SO the elemental is just a big rock, what could a rock possibly be so scared of.
Some other party member: 'Paper?' ←(大笑)XD
All party members: ROFLMAO

happens quite often
Me: afk a sex
darn clumsy fingers  ←XD

That is why I always type in "afk a couple" (回覆上一則)www

Running Coal Chamber with a couple guildies
Guildie: whats wrong?
Guildie2: theres always bats in here, they're no problem
Me: NO I mean there is a FREAKING BAT IN MY HOUSE! dive bombing me in my LIVING ROOM
we finish the quest:
Me: gonna log guys I gotta go kill a bat

Doing a pug Delara's run a several years ago (mostly in voice chat):
Me: Ok guys, now we go outside the graveyard and talk to the guy again.
Player 2: Ok, cool. (knocking in background) Hey hold on a sec, someone is at the door.
Heard this over his mic: Are you ___ ____? (yes) We have a warrant for your arrest. Turn around with your hands behind your head please. (heard the cuffs and rights read to him, etc.)
We were laughing about it. A few minutes later, this was typed:
Player 2: This is ___'s sister. ___ had to go, some friends came over. (disconnect)
I changed the LFM: Felon's need not apply.
(這...太夭壽了吧 囧)

my guildy had this in his bio for the longest time
helpful hints
/quest completions tells you how many raids you've done
/quest shows you the raid timers
/sheathe puts your weapons away
/showhelmet off hides your hat
/death counter tells you how many times your char has died.
he used to run around the harbor all the time and people would just disappear left and right going back to their rez points.

...etc 蠻有趣的www






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